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The Walkers of Comminges

The association Marcheurs du Comminges offers hiking for anyone in good physical shape who wants to discover our beautiful region of the Pyrenees.
If hiking is a physical activity, it allows for a more enjoyable lifestyle, to oxygenate the mind. It provides ideal conditions for reflection and relaxation away from the hassle and daily torment.

chambre d'hôtes de charme à Clermont-ferrand

The ' Asinerie de Vivi-âne'
In the heart of the Lot, Viviane has been passionate since 2009. She raises her donkeys with love, exploits the virtues of milk of anesse in different forms (soaps, milk, ...). It is at her place that were born our 2 donkeys, Barth and Bleuet, on July 04, 2011.


chambre d'hôtes de charme à Clermont-ferrand

The website of the works of Catherine Sawa-Commenge
Painting is my passion. I like playing with vivid and bright colors to create flowing pictures of light. you will be able to contemplate my works by following the link: here.

If you come in our Gite en Comminges, you will have the opportunity to discover a number of my works that decorate the walls. And if you want to find out more, do not hesitate to ask me.


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